Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Now's the time of year when we roll out our end of summer hauls, shop for the last cute tank tops on sale, and start to find new basics for fall. I've been shopping around every sale and checking out new stores that I've never tried before, which is how I came across this beautiful basic cream blouse online. This is my first time trying clothes from Princess Polly and I love the quality. Their summer styles and fabrics really are suited to hot days, well worth the spend.

I've fallen in love with this unique look, from the tie string sleeves to the cool vintage buttons. It's so chic and beautifully done. The fabric is airy and light yet not see-through, in fact I was able to keep on a black bra on for this photoshoot. I decided to wear it with my comfy bright blue shorts and canvas sneakers.

This top will transition well to a night look with a silk skirt and heels, or to the office under a gorgeous suit. Do you like wearing long-sleeves in the summer? I find it a lot comfier than a jacket + tank top for going into buildings. Just tuck it into your shorts on one side and your good to go with a cute outfit!

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  • Anya L

I recently understood that there is a gaping hole in the chasm of my closet, and it is: fancy summer tops. I've got plenty of lace, sparkle, and shine to wear all winter long. Yet in hot weather, my selection of beautiful tops for dinner dates and glamorous events is lacking. It's been a long time since I've wanted to make a great impression on anyone (my wedding, a couple of job interviews). June just marked our four-year anniversary! I want to make a bigger fashion statement in my life on the daily then I have in the past. I'm turning 23 this week and it's a cool marker for me, want to take bigger strides toward my goals now.

I was searching for something untraditional and dynamic, very dressed up. I figured a UK-based store would have more of what I'm looking for since all the fashion bloggers that have any drama in their wardrobes seem to be from there. Riverisland hit it out of the park! Their prices are right on, and so is their quality. I love the attention to detail in this ruffled black shirt. I purchased two other "dressed up" shirts from their collection and they all fit like a glove. The sparkly ring adds some beauty in addition to the puffy sleeves, and I like the little bit of cleavage it allows with a deep v-neck.

I paired this outfit with trendy lace-up sandals and patterned tribal shorts from H&M. Blue, black, and white keep it classy. I added a lovely black bag while matching metals and held the chain in my hand to balance an accessory off with that belt buckle. Keep checking back to see me style the other two tops I purchased!

What I'm Wearing

-Black Ruffle Top with Buckle Detail

-Blue and White High Waisted Shorts H&M

-White Strappy Sandals Schultz

-Black Chain Bag B.T.

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  • Anya L

I'm not necessarily one for much layering, it's definitely an area where I want to step it up. I love to wear my tank tops in the summertime and often need to cover up before going into a building. I absolutely love this pretty color combination. Pastels in this category make a beautiful match. These shorts are basically bright blue and add a fun touch.

I have owned this blazer and high waisted shorts for ages and they are both favorite items of mine. I bought the mint tank top from forever21 recently on my first shopping trip since our health crisis started. To put together this look I basically just went through my closet with the tank top on the hanger and put it up against a couple of items one by one to find a great outfit combination.

After picking that, I chose an accessory color (white) and added a necklace that allowed some mixed metals. By the way, I didn't notice until I finished shooting but the necklace is lopsided for most of the photos.. drives me crazy, how about you?

Anyways, shop the links below to get this cute look for yourself!

Mint Tank Top $12.00

40s Zoot Short $250.00

It's so great to wear shorts with a gorgeous summer heel and I hope you love this look too!

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