• Anya L

Catch Me Feeling Good

I'm not necessarily one for much layering, it's definitely an area where I want to step it up. I love to wear my tank tops in the summertime and often need to cover up before going into a building. I absolutely love this pretty color combination. Pastels in this category make a beautiful match. These shorts are basically bright blue and add a fun touch.

I have owned this blazer and high waisted shorts for ages and they are both favorite items of mine. I bought the mint tank top from forever21 recently on my first shopping trip since our health crisis started. To put together this look I basically just went through my closet with the tank top on the hanger and put it up against a couple of items one by one to find a great outfit combination.

After picking that, I chose an accessory color (white) and added a necklace that allowed some mixed metals. By the way, I didn't notice until I finished shooting but the necklace is lopsided for most of the photos.. drives me crazy, how about you?

Anyways, shop the links below to get this cute look for yourself!

Mint Tank Top $12.00

40s Zoot Short $250.00

It's so great to wear shorts with a gorgeous summer heel and I hope you love this look too!

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