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How to Wear High Waist Pleated Shorts: Three Outfits

I like to keep it simple on hot days. A chic short, chosen carefully, is that stylish but functional bottom we all want during summer.

Let’s talk about this pair. It’s essential to have a bright-colored pair of shorts to mix and match with fancier items to keep your summer style elevated. This tan pleated style is super for that. I was so happy to discover shorts of this quality at Target! They are a gorgeous dupe for this pair $150 style from Rails. You can purchase them for yourself as I have right here! And now, here are three outfits you can quickly copy to keep your looks dreamy all season!

It’s easy to start with our basics. For a fun afternoon speeding around in a boat with friends, I’d choose a black t-shirt, fancy but water-resistant flip flops, and a gold chain to hold down the top from lifting above my chest. Don’t forget a cute swimsuit underneath, too! Can you see how easy this combination is to try? Black shirt and shoes, tan shorts, gold necklace, and gold chain detail on my shoes. Super cool and relaxed.

The second way I’d wear these shorts is with a white pairing. This look would be super appropriate for a fun night of rides at the country fair. These lovely canvas shoes will keep me comfortable through a significant amount of walking. The fanciful cropped blouse allows me to get a good tan. When it gets cold, I’ll just borrow my friends’ jacket, right? Who knows, maybe it will still happen this summer.

This final look includes some gorgeous accessories. Heels paired with shorts are a bold and beautiful statement. A small Versace bag should hold my phone for effortless picture taking all night long. I styled a blouse from Banana Republic and my strappy new sandals. I can’t wait to wear this outfit for an evening party with some barbeque and bonfires! What kind of parties are you hoping to attend soon?

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