• Anya L

Natural Colors Summer Look

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

It can be hard to make certain styles work if you aren't comfortable with mixing colors. For this reason, I stick to only two color options when I am unsure how to wear a new item. Typically the easiest color to add to the mix is blue! This cute wrap skirt is a very breezy fabric that looks like denim but wears like linen. I'm so pleased to find such a bright and unique shade! It is simple and minimal.

This cute wrap skirt is a very soft fabric that looks like linen but feels like a straightforward suede. I decided to keep with the relaxed style it gives away. After some trouble choosing something that goes, I realized it would overwhelm the beauty of the color to style with my usual black or white. So I decided on a bone-colored short sleeve shirt from Target. Then I grabbed the slip-on sandals to match. This allows the color to stand out! I feel cool and funky in this look.

What I'm Wearing:

-Puff Sleeve Short T-Shirt by Universal Thread

-Wagner Espadrille Sandals

-Quinn Wrap Skirt byShe+Sky

-Vintage Black Baguette Bag

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